Holiday Magazine, November 1954 Issue


Holiday was an American travel magazine published from 1946 to 1977. Originally published by the Curtis Publishing CompanyHoliday’s circulation grew to more than one million subscribers at its height. The magazine employed writers such as Truman CapoteJoan DidionLawrence DurellJames Michener and E. B. White. The magazine was relaunched as a bi-annual magazine in 2014, located in Paris, but written in English.

The magazine was known as a cosmopolitan travel wishbook with photo essays in full-color with articles by famous authors. John Lewis Stage, a photographer for Holiday described they way that Patrick enlisted name authors, “The concept was basically to get famous authors who had maybe one or two weeks in between their books or projects to go and travel and write glorious pieces. It was an oddball publication that used photographs to tell stories.”

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