The Art of the French Holiday

When it comes to the art of the holiday, no one comes close to mastering leisure as much as the French. Maintaining a work-life balance and sustaining a high quality of life is a civic principle, as long as the emphasis on spending that leisure time is for cultural pursuits. While Americans live to work, the French live for pleasure. This certain joie de vivre is why we’ve highlighted our three favorite properties from Cote d’Azur to Provence, for a laissez-faire holiday in France, each place remarkable and completely unlike the other. 

Le Barn Hôtel

Le Barn Hotel is a rural escape just an hour outside of Paris.  The farmhouse hotel is a rustic respite in the Rambouillet forest, complete with acres of farmland, stables, equestrian courses, a lake and spa amenities that rival a Nordic retreat. The food is farm fresh with a seasonal menu, while the craft cocktail bar offers all the trending accouterments as a nudge to the property’s proximity to Paris. 

The best part is: the hotel is dog-friendly, and the modern fixtures are as charming as its natural surroundings. 

Le Barn Hotel is located at Le Moulin de Brétigny, 78830 Bonnelles, France

Les Roches Rouges

If you’re looking for a postcard-worthy French Riviera holiday off the tourist track, then Les Roches Rouge is the place for you. The boutique hotel is located in the sleepy coastal town of Saint-Raphael, where a discreet building opens up to a view of the Mediterranean sea upon entry. The boutique property captures the spirit of a sixties nostalgia, a style honed in by Paris-based design firm Festen Architecture.

Some of the hotel perks include complimentary kayaks to paddle out to Ile d’Or, seaside views and two swimming pools overlooking the Mediterranean sea. 

Hôtel Les Roches Rouges is located at 90 Boulevard de la 36ème division du Texas, 83530 Saint-Raphaël, France

Hotel Crillon Le Brave

If lavender fields, medieval villages and unobstructed views of Provence read like a Franco holiday fantasy, then Crillon Le Brave is the dream destination for you. Crillon Le Brave is located on the summit of a Provencal village overlooking acres of vineyards, where a fortress of centuries-old stonework surrounds the property. While neighboring Provencal villages are attractions often packed with stop-and-go tourists, Crillon Le Brave is reserved for guests only, which creates the ultimate atmosphere for intimacy with the landscape. 

Crillon Le Brave is the ideal getaway for a sensory renewal, where the local towns are perfect for sourcing local linens and lavender.

Crillon Le Brave is located at Place de l’Eglise 84410 Crillon le Brave